Bike School in Säfsen

For all ages

Have you never ridden a mountain bike in nature before? Säfsen is the perfect place for children and families to be active together outdoors. Our bike school is for children from 4 years old, teenagers and even adults: everything from a basic course to advanced courses and private lessons. What suits you best?

Bike school should be fun so we adapt the groups according to age and experience so that everyone will have fun and be part of educational lessons. Our group lessons run over two days, with one session per day. Later, the experience continues together with the parents. As you know, children develop quickly! We are located at the bike park, next to the sports center, Björnen, where you can rent all the equipment you need.

Basic course

3 years and older

It is a little scary, but exciting to learn to ride a mountain bike in nature for the first time. We all know that children have a tendency to protest more against their parents than against an outsider when learning new things. Therefore, the best start on two wheels can be our bike school. In the beginner course, kids are taught, among other things, how to handle the bike, how the brakes work and what to think about when biking in nature. 

Intermediate and Advanced courses

Develop your biking skills

These courses are aimed at those who already know how to bike but want to better understand bike safety while developing their skills. Our experienced MTB instructors take you over easier hills and exciting balance boards, where you can sharpen your MTB technique and balance. Of course, we adapt the groups according to age and experience.

Private lesson

Private lessons are offered regardless of basic knowledge and age. You can of course add additional people in your booking: perhaps siblings, cousins ​​or just a friend wants to keep up with you. These lessons fill up quickly so be sure to book in advance!